It’s not every day you get to photograph a beauty queen! I’ve known Kennedy for several years and have always known how talented she is, so it was a real privilege to get to photograph her now as the USA National Miss South Carolina Teen 2016.

Of course it’s easy to see how beautiful she is by looking at the pictures, but just as important is her professionalism. The way she handled direction in front of the camera and exhibited confidence with each of the poses went a long way to making this a successful photo session. She did a such a great job giving exactly the right expression for the “mood” of the photograph and was able maintain consistency for each look. What a great start to what is sure to be a successful modeling career! I’m looking forward to having Kennedy involved in some exciting projects that are in the works this Spring.

kennedy-bordeaux-wheeler-miss-south-carolina-teen-2016kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-01 kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-02 kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-03 kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-04

Decided to have a little fun with the Westcott Ice Light as a light saber for this “Star Wars themed” shot. Just something we did for fun and a little outside the box…or galaxy.kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-05 kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-06 kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-07 kennedy-miss-south-carolina-teen-08