Something very special happened on Saturday…our good friend (and former photography associate) Corie got engaged to Tyler. We’re so happy for you both!

Corie used to work with David & Kristina wedding photography as well as with our commercial studio, Muse 10 Photography.

Wedding Festival Booth with David Kristina and Corie

Corie with David & Kristina at our Wedding Festivals Trade Show booth in 2014.

Tyler approached us a few weeks earlier to discuss his surprise proposal plans. After plan A was disrupted by the weather, Plan B (which turned out to be even better) was to have his and Corie’s friends and family all at Birds Fly South when he popped the question. He must’ve been pretty certain she would say “yes.”

Birds Fly South Ale Project Beer glasses at Birds Fly South

Corie thought she was just there to meet a couple of friends, but as soon as she realized that all of their friends and family were standing behind her, Tyler got down on one knee.

You can see Corie’s friend, Sara, distracting her while Kristina and I (David) got into place with our cameras. I narrowly escaped being seen a moment too early.

Sara distracting Corie while we hide with our cameras

Tyler had hidden the ring in his socks so Corie wouldn’t notice it in his pocket.

Tyler retrieving the ring from his sock Tyler on one knee proposing to Corie Corie said yes Tyler putting the ring on Corie's finger She can't believe it tears of joy

Now there’s a great surprised face Corie…you can’t fake that look.

There's a surprised Corie!

….And finally she spotted David with a camera.

Corie finally spotted David and KristinaDavid Junker, Corie Savage and Tyler Miller

Corie’s friend Sara has also recently gotten engaged, so they had fun showing off their rings together.

Sara Giffin and Corie Savage showing off the engagement ring Future Mrs. Miller t-shirt

It looks like Corie’s dad is excited about walking her down the aisle next year.

Corie and her dad

Tyler popped open a bottle of champagne and Sara gave a toast. We all had a great time hanging out and enjoying the craft beer from Birds Fly South.

Champagne opened Sara's champagne toast

Congrats Tyler and Corie! Looking forward to your wedding next year!

Tyler and Corie engaged!

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