Handcrafted Wedding Albums

Choose from countless cover materials including leather, fabric, silk, aluminum, and acrylic.

While simple in appearance,  each page of your album will be laid out in such a way that you will be able to relive your wedding day through beautifully printed photographs. Clean designs are essential to making your photos stand out and have a long-lasting impact.

Choose A Wedding Album

Marquee/Storyteller Album

Starting at $800
(Included in Marquee Collection)

Premiere Album

Starting at $1000
(Included in Premiere Collection)

Designer Album

Starting at $1600
(Included in Red Carpet Collection)

Album Design Session

Following your wedding, we will assist you by selecting photos from your collection to be included in your album layout. You will come to the studio to preview your album design layout on our theater display.  During this interactive design experience, you’ll be able to see your changes and revisions on the big screen before we finalize and proof the layout.

If you’re not local to the Greenville area, don’t worry! We can review your album using screen sharing technology!

Cover Materials

Album with printed aluminum front cover and leather spine and back.

Album with printed aluminum front cover and leather spine and back.

A huge variety of cover samples are available for you to see and touch and create the perfect cover material combinations.  While a genuine premium leather is an excellent option for many albums, it is possible to combine multiple materials to create a unique album cover design.  Choose from top of the line linens, leathers, fabrics, and silks.  Cover images can be printed on aluminum, acrylic, and lustre photographic surfaces.

Gift Albums

Album Family Pack: 10x10 main album with two 8x8 gift albums

Album Family Pack: 10x10 main album with two 8x8 gift albums

Your main wedding album will be something you keep forever and display in your home for the rest of your life, but the best way to share your album with select family members is to give them beautiful handcrafted wedding albums of their own.  With the same image layout as the main album, these smaller gift albums are equal in quality and can be made with many of the same cover materials as the main album.  For example, if you order a 10x10 inch leather album, your gift albums will be 8x8 inches.  Gift albums are added to your main album order as a “Family Pack” consisting of a total of three albums: one main and a pair of gift albums.  Additional gift albums may be added individually.

 Importance of Having a Wedding Album

In this world of digital imagery, having printed photographs is becoming more and more important.  While keeping digital files of your wedding images for reprinting purposes can be quite valuable, trusting your valuable wedding images to only one type of current technology may not be the safest option. Sure cloud backup systems combined with hard drives and optical discs (such as CD or DVD) is a good way to store digital images (assuming there are redundant backups) you simply don’t get the same enjoyment from images displayed on your computer or tablet as you will from a wedding album.  You also don’t have the advantage of the story-telling layout.  The advantages of having printed wedding albums are so great that a huge majority of couples are choosing to add them to their wedding collection, even if it’s a few months after the wedding.

Quality of Album Prints

Album cover with two leathers combined.

Album cover with two leathers combined.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your wedding album is the quality of the printed pages themselves.  Each album page is adjusted for consistent density and color to ensure that the photos not only look good individually, but as also as a group.  If any retouching is needed, it is also done before final printed output.  Unlike many inexpensive online photo book options, these album pages are true photographic prints (made on premium photographic paper) or fine art giclée (high-density archival inkjet) prints that are permanently bound to a rigid surface that can be bound in a panoramic art-book style binding.  While the mounting and trimming of the album making process is done with a high-precision machine, the cover and finally assembly are handcrafted individually to the highest quality standards.  While we choose to do much of the fine art printing in-house at our downtown studio, our partner photo labs and binding experts are people we have a long-standing relationship with…people we trust to handle your wedding images with care!